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 race boost info.

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yaiba kaigaishii
light champion/admin

Male Number of posts : 282
Age : 25
Location : Tentou Tokai or the Human capital.
Race : Demi-angel
Bio / personality : Yaiba can be carefree and happy,or very serious. he is often calm,but can go into furious rages.
Registration date : 2008-06-28

Character sheet
650000/650000  (650000/650000)
Magic power:
450000/450000  (450000/450000)
Bio: Yaiba is a kind and gentle human who stumbled into his current position. being immortal,he has lived many lifetimes. Yaiba has helped the angels and many of their wars,having a particular anger at most shapeshifters,having a very big grudge against them. Yaiba is one of the most powerful beings alive,rivaling even the angels and demons themselves. he is wandering through the world,looking for an adequate use of his amazing power,willing to work for anyone,for no money at all.

PostSubject: race boost info.   Sun Jun 29, 2008 2:58 am

Mecha Humans
Mecha humans get a boost of 5000 to their health due to their armor,but start with no magic power.

neko's get boost's of 1000 to thier health,and a 2500 boost to their Magic.

Humans start out with no Magic or health boosts.

shapeshifters have reduced health but get a major magic boost of 25'000 to their Magic power. (shape shifters get only 500 when training health,instead of the normal 1000. but get 2000 every time they train magic,double the normal amount.)

half demons get boosts of 10'000 to their Magic and health but have a very bad weakness to light spells and attacks.

Lizards get boosts of 2500 to their health and a boost of 500 to their Magic and have the resistances and weaknesses mentioned in Races of the site.

changelings get a 5000 point Magic power boost but get no health boost.
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race boost info.
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